Achieving Excellence with IESVE Essential Knowledge Series

Keep Your Cool with the Building Regulations - Part O

On-Demand Webinar

We’re delighted to announce our new ‘Achieving Excellence with IESVE’ essential knowledge series, covering the latest need-to-know industry developments, trends and technology for building performance modelling. Targeted at existing IESVE users, this series of monthly webinars will offer a deep dive into a variety of our most requested topics including: Compliance, HVAC, Interoperability, Measurement and Verification and more. Inspiring you to expand your service offerings and meet ever evolving client needs.

Led by our in-house experts, each session will delve into a different topic, providing practical advice on how to maximise the analyses and capabilities available within IESVE to address some of today’s greatest building performance challenges.  

This session will consider Part O analysis and building design required to pass Part O.

  • Analysis of natural ventilation rates vs. typical mechanical ventilation rates.
  • The relevance of glazing orientation.
  • The relevance of shading measures.
  • Internal heat gain comparisons between occupancy templates.
  • Zoning guidance.
  • The impact of including / not including internal door modelling.
  • The requirement for night-time ventilation in accessible bedrooms.
  • MEV vs. MVHR - comparing an ApacheHVAC vs. ApacheSim approach.
  • The challenge of achieving compliance for a single specification in multiple orientations and regions. 

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Eric Roberts

Senior Business Development Manager, IES

Richard Tibenham

Business Development Manager (VE Consulting), IES