Digital Twin Consortium Guide: A Whole Systems Approach to Decarbonization Across the Building Lifecycle

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IES Founder & CEO, Don McLean, has served as the lead co-author on a new user guide, explaining the role of performance-based digital twins in delivering a successful, sustainable, whole systems approach to decarbonizing the built environment.  

‘A Whole Systems Approach to Decarbonization across the Building Lifecycle’ is the third in a series of five user guides which have been co-authored by members of the Digital Twin Consortium’s Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Operations (AECO) Tiger Team, of which IES is a member. The guides are designed to assist an owner or occupier with new or existing digital twin-based building decarbonization implementations throughout the building lifecycle.

Download your free copy of this guide for insights and recommendations relating to:

  • The changing building lifecycle
  • Key building performance metrics
  • Why operational energy matters
  • Why embodied carbon reduction matters
  • The performance gap
  • Defining the different types of built environment digital twins (Project, Asset & Performance)
  • Embedding performance evaluation – the role of a digital twin

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