How can Digital Twins support Manufacturers on the path to Net-Zero?

On-Demand Webinar

While many manufacturers may already be using digital twins to optimise the performance of their production processes, few are scaling its application beyond the production line to encompass their factory buildings.

Access this free on-demand webinar, hosted in partnership with the Food & Drink Federation (FDF), where IES demonstrate how the sector can fully exploit this technology to unlock energy and cost savings across their facilities and map their pathway to net-zero.

This recording covers:

  • What is a digital twin?
  • How can digital twins help manufacturers optimise the performance of their production lines & buildings simultaneously?
  • What opportunities does the technology present in key areas such as:
    • Decarbonisation roadmapping
    • Operating your facility more efficiently to reduce energy consumption/costs
    • Exploring the potential for local energy production/renewables & waste heat recovery
    • ESG strategies
  • Live technology demonstration