On-Demand Webinar

Time to Wake Up! How We Can Win The Race to Net-Zero Buildings

IES & B1M On-Demand Webinar

Presented by The B1M in Partnership with IES, this exclusive session brought together experts from across the built environment to discuss the digitisation of building performance and its role in decarbonisation. Introducing the concept of Sleeping Digital Twins, an initiative which aims to evolve the many dormant 3D design, compliance and BIM models that exist for the majority of our current building stock into digital twins which are useable across the building lifecycle.

This webinar marked the launch of a new landmark whitepaper produced by IES in collaboration with a number of industry experts. Focusing on the findings of this paper, the panel comprised of a selection of these experts to discuss the benefits and challenges of awakening sleeping digital twins and taking a whole-life performance modelling approach to the way we design and operate buildings.

The session explored the challenges and barriers surrounding the handover, ownership and sharing of digital models and provided clear, practical takeaways for attendees to start to overcome barriers and fully embrace the opportunities this approach presents.