An introduction to the ICL Digital Twin

Wed, 26th January, 3pm - 4pm GMT

After more than a quarter of a century facilitating the energy efficient design of individual buildings across the globe, now, with our ICL Digital Twin technology, we're tackling the built environment at scale from citizens to cities and even whole countries, throughout their entire lifecycle.

This webinar will showcase the capability of IES’ suite of Digital Twin technology known as the Intelligent Communities Lifecycle and will exhibit different end use cases that can be achieved.

What will be covered?

  • What is the ICL Digital Twin
  • What is Digital Twin technology and how it can help with scenario planning where there is no experience to fall back on.
  • Digital Twins as the enabler for decarbonisation of the built environment and how they can be used in net-zero planning.
  • Using Digital Twins to improve operational performance of the built environment
  • How Digital Twins support the entire lifecycle of the built environment from planning and design through to commissioning and operation.
  • Collaboration through operational dashboards, portfolio management and community engagement tools. 

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What our customers are saying

"Digital Twinning of buildings and networks is an exciting new space for energy management and we are really pleased to be working with a great team of people in IES to show the art of the possible using our estate both old and new."

Gillian Brown

Energy Manager, University of Glasgow

"We would recommend ICL to other companies or campuses which would like to get an overview of the energy-saving potential and also do a very systematic and rigorous analysis of the energy-saving potential of different technologies."

Nilesh Y. Jadhav

Program Director, EcoCampus @ NTU