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Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Building's Performance with IES Live

On-Demand Webinar

Never settle for a building that uses excessive energy, costs you more, and is pulling you away from your sustainability targets. It’s time to take control, reduce energy risk, increase resilience, unlock net-zero potential, and deliver healthy and comfortable spaces.

Join us for this on-demand launch session to discover how IES Live delivers the next- generation of energy, carbon and comfort performance tracking and reporting, alongside intelligent improvement insights.

IES Live has been created to put the power of better building operation in the hands of your energy and facilities teams. Understand how your building performed in the past, is currently performing, and assess against how it should be performing as simulated by an IES Digital Twin. Make decisions on where to focus attention, keep the building running optimally, and ensure any investments in net-zero deliver on expected savings.

This session covers:

  • What is IES Live?
    • Key features and outcomes
  • A live walkthrough demonstration of IES Live
  • A Q&A with our speakers:
    • Adam Goves, Business Development Manager, IES
    • Laurie McKelvie, Head of ICL Customer Success, IES

Access the recording below