The Importance of Indoor Air Quality | On-Demand Webinar from IES & Octopus Lab

Indoor Air Quality is of critical significance to occupant heath, productivity and comfort. This, coupled with a growing emphasis placed on indoor air quality by voluntary green rating systems (such as WELL, BREEAM, LEED, HQE), as well as local building codes and standards, is driving organisations to find a suitable IAQ solution, which previously was only available as a CO2 metric. 

Now, through a partnership with IES and Octopus Lab, a new in-depth and easy to use Indoor Air Quality Navigator is available within IESVE 2023 Feature Pack 4. 

What will be covered?

  • The global context of Indoor Air Quality and its impact on the building design
  • Introduction to Indalo® – New Indoor Air Quality Navigator from IES & Octopus Lab
  • Integration of IAQ simulation in the IESVE suite, providing a technical solution for:
    • Risk assessment of high pollutants concentrations, viral infection transmission, mould generation
    • Materials contribution analysis
    • Ventilation strategies and filtration optimisation
  • Results analysis through reports and dashboards