Introduction to iVN - Local Energy Decarbonisation

Thurs, 8th December 2022, 1pm - 2pm GMT

The iVN suite of tools allows local energy decarbonisation options to be quickly and easily assessed for any new or existing development. Users can integrate electricity, heating, cooling, waste heat and water networks with real or simulated building energy demand data and investigate low carbon and renewable energy generation scenarios.

This webinar will showcase the capability of iVN technology and will exhibit different end use cases that can be achieved.

What will be covered?

  • iVN Core - Central functionality to establish the feasibility of energy network decarbonisation projects
  • iVN Heat - New heat network modelling engine to identify existing and prospective district heating opportunities, while taking account of heat losses, mass flow rates and supply/return temperatures
  • iVN Optimise - New optimisation engine to test different asset attributes with the goal of providing optimal configuration and reducing carbon emissions

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What our customers are saying

"Digital Twinning of buildings and networks is an exciting new space for energy management and we are really pleased to be working with a great team of people in IES to show the art of the possible using our estate both old and new."

Gillian Brown

Energy Manager, University of Glasgow

"The partnership with IES helped make a really complicated subject very accessible. If one neighbour could supply excess electricity to another neighbour, it keeps it local and takes community networking to a whole new level. I can definitely see this more localised approach being hugely beneficial, not just on Eday, but across many communities within the UK"

Andrew Stennett

Managing Director, Eday Renewable Energy Ltd