Deliver Optimisation Studies for Heat Network Efficiency Schemes with IES

Looking to upgrade your existing district or communal heating scheme, or working on delivering optimisation studies for the UK government’s Heat Network Efficiency Scheme (HNES)*? 

With our energy master-planning, district heating feasibility and network modelling capabilities, IES is directly aligned to help with delivering such optimisation studies. Our expert consulting service can use our leading simulation technology to undertake your optimisation study, and support you in improving your existing district heating or communal heating project. This study includes optimisation recommendations, expected benefits, a cost appraisal of proposed intervention measures, as well as highlighting instances of poor performance.

Or, if you're working on delivering optimisation studies for clients, IES' iVN Virtual Network tool offers leading District Heating Feasibility modelling capabilities that directly align with delivering these optimisation studies to your clients easily and accurately, saving you on time, money and resource. This tool also avoids issues of oversizing and under-sizing for district heating measures caused by using spreadsheets or simple calculation methods for this type of analysis.

*100% funding is currently available for optimisation studies on projects between £15,000 to £24,000 through the UK Government’s HNES fund. The fund supports the improved performance of existing public, private or third sector heat networks in England and Wales. 

For information on HNES and optimisation studies, read here. For information on other funding schemes available, read here.

Interested to know more about how IES Software and Consulting services can help support you in your funding application?

The deadline for the next round of applications for HNES funding is Friday, 26th July, so submit your details and a member of our team will be in touch with more information.