Part L and O 2021 update – what these changes mean for designers

This webinar covers the changes to Part L 2021 and the introduction of Part O. IESVE was the first software provider to be certified, available now to use within IESVE 2022 Feature Pack 1.

What will be covered?

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Overview of Part L2 2021 changes and what this means for the building performance community
  • Comparison of Part L2 2013 vs Part L2 2021
  • Case studies of impacts 
    • Weather data
    • Carbon factors
    • PV yield
    • Electric v Gas space heating
  • Part L2 2021 and implications for GLA London Plan
  • Undertaking Part O 2021 analysis for overheating in IESVE
  • Q&A

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What our customers are saying

"We’ve added IES to our specification as our preferred modelling software because of the success we’ve had with it. The support we’ve had from IES in the package we’ve got is great and we’ve just invested in some more training as well."

Chris Anton

Perth & Kinross Council

"IESVE is a great tool for complex simulations when energy performance, HVAC operation and daylight calculations are the main questions. When a combination of different options is being assessed IESVE is able to make detailed calculations to test assumptions before honing in with detailed HVAC performance simulation."

Karolis Januševičius