Free Whitepaper: Sleeping Digital Twins

Exploring the appetite, benefits, and challenges of whole-life building performance modelling

This collaborative paper is a call to action for improved digitisation of building performance in the race to decarbonise. It introduces the Sleeping Digital Twin concept, an initiative to transform dormant 3D design, compliance, and BIM models into actionable digital twins that can be used throughout the building lifecycle. Combining insights from leading industry experts, consultants, building owners and operators, with the results of a 240+ stakeholder survey, it aims to foster improved collaboration between AEC practitioners and building operators to bridge the performance gap and decarbonise our buildings.

This paper explores:

  • The current uptake and understanding of whole-life performance modelling
  • The technical, legal, and other challenges hindering the use of existing models (Sleeping Digital Twins) beyond design
  • The advantages of enhanced digitization and whole-life performance modelling
  • A best practice strategy for model storage, handover, and retrieval throughout a building's lifecycle
  • The path ahead – recommendations and actions for the future

Whitepaper contributors include: