Free Waste Heat & Energy Savings Calculator for Manufacturing Sector

Do you want to know the waste heat and net-zero investment potential of your site?

Waste Heat Potential

Input your industry sector and some basic building data and the tool will provide an initial guide that can help you understand the estimated potential waste heat/cooling that your site may be producing and align this to technology types that can be used to recover and re-use this. It is valid for facilities located in Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Ireland and the UK.

Energy Savings Potential

This tool also gives an illustration of the potential cost and energy savings associated with key net-zero investment strategies and interventions. These estimated figures are based on average savings IES has achieved on similar projects.

If you would like a more detailed analysis of your site and its waste heat/cooling and net-zero potential please Contact us.


The tool was created as part of a European Horizon 2023 funded project (SoWhat, Agreement N. 847097). The information and data it is based on was gathered through extensive academic research which detailed use data on waste heat/cooling by the industrial sector.